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…a few statistics…

Do you know that food
allergy effects?

of children up to 1 year of age
between 4-8% of children aged up to 5 years of age
approximately 87% of adults
Our One Line Pitch

“Our company, Allergeninfo, is developing an online, online and mobile platform to help people choose products without their food allergens with one click / at first sight.”

A food allergy is an abnormal immune response to food.

What you need to know about food allergy?


what you have to know about allergy


  • FA is an abnormal immune response to food
  • People with FA develop antibodies against certain proteins in foods known as allergens
  • The common allergies in a region vary depending on the country
  • The body’s natural defenses overreact to exposure to a particular substance, treating it as an invader and sending out chemicals to defend against it
  • When they eat that food their body reacts, usually immediately or less than an hour after eating, although some babies can have very delayed reactions to milk
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Our Beliefs & Mission

“We believe we will make a great difference in the lives of our Users. Our mission is that everyone in the World can live without food allergens by using ALLERGENINFO, the food allergens indicator app!”